exitsign: (spn: castiel; hot mess)
cris ([personal profile] exitsign) wrote2011-12-21 01:31 pm

Fuck It

I have to redo my recs post all over again, ugh; I hate it when files are corrupted.

I slowly fixing my bookmarks on Pinboard, and taking a break from it for now. I don't like the look of the (save on delicious) bookmarklet, still using my other Delicious account to save to-read fics, omg there so much to read but I feel exhausted.

LJ's new look, I don't like the new comments page, makes me not want to comment over there when I read fic and I don't like the font changes either. I don't know what LJ is trying to become and I don't want to follow it any more. (Just makes me all sad that their breaking it own usefulness.)

I'm beta testing the new create entries page and right not having any problems and I like that I can customize it to my preferences.

I had a lovely b-day, mom bought me a chicken biscuit even though she woke me way to early to eat it but it all love. Best parents in the world, and I re-organizing/fixing my ebooks for my Kindle.

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