exitsign: (sw: leia; gun pose)
cris ([personal profile] exitsign) wrote2011-03-01 02:51 pm

Ten Thoughts, Maybe?


Do I really want my grandma to die in the house?

Inception: Arthur/Eames is blah to me. Arthur/Cobb pushes all my buttons and not enough fic about them; then again, it's still a movie fandom. I'm happy that there is fic. I still haven't seen the movie.

Sherlock: I want to jump Lestrade. He old enough to be my father even though my father is older than him, whatever I will bone him. I have no qualms about age.

Doctor Who: I wish I were The Doctor and so I can marry River Song.

I have weird fantasies and dreams, Most of them are fandom related and I'm totally a Mary Sue. I don't care.

I need a better way for organization.

Bruce Lee is major hot. I need an icon of him for realz just to stare at it.

Delicious is my crack. I can't get off it.

No internet access to my laptop sucks so bad then I feel bad cause I should take the time to read some books.

Sleep is good, I should enjoy it however long I will have the ability to do it.