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Rec: Various

This post took me forever to compile this in a timely manner. (I read a whole since getting service back on my phone.) I'm so happy finally able to read fan fiction at a regular interval. I don't how I end up reading Harry Potter, most of it is Harry/Hermione/Ron, no regrets people go check out my pinboard if you want to see what I read and enjoyed in my one-day binge. Started school, I got so much to read and study. (Positive thinking, I'm tryin' yo)

Hover over the link to get any warning(s).

.: Avengers :.
I Summon You or (here) | [personal profile] kuwdora [pre-slash Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, NR]
Song by Spoon. How'd we get here, it's too late to break it off. They're connected even before meeting each other.

Understanding something doesn't mean you can change it (except where you can) | [archiveofourown.org profile] sirona [Howard/Steve (one-sided), Howard/Maria, hints of Steve/Peggy and Tony/Steve, PG, 3,578 words]
How Howard Stark went from Captain America's Howard Stark to the one Tony grew up with. And a possible explanation for Tony's Mom not taking more of an interest in her son. And Tony coping with the parents he's been saddled with. With bonus appearances from Peggy Carter, Dummy and, eventually, Steve himself.

.: Haven :.
Anything You Say Can (And Will) Be Held Against You or (here, here) | [personal profile] the_wanlorn [Audrey/Nathan, Duke/Audrey/Nathan, PG-13, 3,521 words]
It doesn’t count if you say it when you’re concussed, right?

Cycle of the Wereferret or (here, here) | [personal profile] the_wanlorn [Audrey/Nathan/Duke, PG, 6,633 words]
Full moons on Halloween are bullshit, especially when they involve chasing ferrets through the woods.

.: Merlin (BBC) :.
You Get Me or (here) | [personal profile] glim [Merlin/Will, Arthur/Lancelot, Gwen/Morgana, Mature, 4,404 words]
Wherein Arthur and Lancelot are chivalrous, Merlin and Will are romantic, and Gwen and Morgana have breakfast in bed.

Argent or (here) | [personal profile] glim [Arthur/Lancelot, PG-13, 500 words]
He returned on the first of the midsummer festival's three days.

.: Thor :.
Gold Hair and Lightning or (here) | [livejournal.com profile] blacktofade [Thor/Loki, NC-17, 17,311 words]
Loki is forced into a relationship with Thor and doesn't understand that he can't become pregnant until he goes through his first heat cycle.

Red Ruin, and the Breaking Up of Laws or (here) | [archiveofourown.org profile] TheHummingbirdMoth [Thor/Loki, Mature, 17,737 words]
"The children born of thee are sword and fire." Or, the God of Thunder gets suckered into Loki's latest evil scheme.

.: Top Gun :.
Attitude Adjustment or (here) | [livejournal.com profile] thefourthvine [Iceman/Maverick, NC-17, 3,404 words]
"Is that what you're looking for, Maverick? You to punish you?"

Kings of the Air | [archiveofourown.org profile] FabulaRasa [Maverick/Iceman, Mature, 24,908 words]
Fighting and fucking: two things he did extraordinarily well. How could he have known what the effect would be when you combined the two?

Hurricane Blues or (here) | [livejournal.com profile] carlyinrome [Maverick/Iceman, NC-17, 6,709 words]
A sequel to "The Eye of the Storm". So now they’re in a relationship. What does that mean?

Belonging | [livejournal.com profile] thedevilchicken [Maverick/Iceman, NC-17, 1,260 words]
A decade or so on, Iceman and Maverick meet again.

May | leoandsnake [Iceman/Maverick, T, 33,367 words]
Twelve years into the future, Maverick's marriage to Charlie is dissolving, his relationship with his son is strained, and he has to cope with Iceman returning from a decade-long tour of duty to teach alongside him at Top Gun Academy.

This Town's Religion | [livejournal.com profile] destina [Charlie, Ensemble, NR]
"This Town’s Religion" by Delays. Welcome to Miramar: fast planes, arrogant men, pilot groupies, fierce competition, excess testosterone - and a woman named Charlie.

.: Vampire Diaries :.
No One Will | [livejournal.com profile] crimsonandebony [Klaus/Stefan, PG-13, 1,256 words]
After the events of Homecoming, Klaus contemplates his relationship with Stefan, and what he is going to do about Stefan’s betrayal.

Rattle Against Its Cage or (here, here) | [livejournal.com profile] lint138 [Katherine/Stefan, Klaus, PG-13, 1,636 words]
Post 'As I Lay Dying'. Bodies hit the ground at haphazard angles, blood and lace encompassing the pile

.: Walking Dead :.
Where They Shout Allegiance | Charli J ([livejournal.com profile] gigantic) [Rick/Shane, Lori/Shane, Mature, 4,702 words]
Before computers and cell phones went useless, everybody was looking up how to identify life versus the rate of decomposition. Heat, sweat, and the right kind of stink helped distinguish the living. Shane tries to focus on that, how they're just chasing life with one another with this, his heart beating too fast, and Rick's still right there, in the center of his mind, like a challenge and a reminder.

The Cusp and the Fjords We Wade Through or (here, here) | [livejournal.com profile] almadeamla [Rick/Shane, Lori/Rick, Explicit, 9,580 words]
Rick and Shane had a thing before Rick met Lori.
comment: Back-story, I totally need this and there one details in there that I appreciate being there.

Gnarled and Naked Shadow or (here, here) | [livejournal.com profile] almadeamla [Rick/Shane, mentions of Shane/Lori, Rick/Lori, NC-17, 2,215 words]
Shane did it all for Rick, if he really stops to think about it. Set immediately after TS-19.

Status Quo | [livejournal.com profile] toestastegood [Unrequited Lori/Rick/Shane, R, 1,839 words]
The world has ended. Everything should be different now.
comment: Poor Shane, damn he a bastard but his unrequited love for these two makes it up to me.

Spit Out the Teeth | lastfingersofleaf [Rick/Shane, Rick/Lori, implied Shane/Lori, Mature, 10,853 words]
Rick and Shane have to deal with the consequences of their one-time fling.
comment: I love this I can't begin to tell you why and think this is my favorite mpreg story ever.

I like to thank my sister for retrieving Busdriver from our old infected desktop. (Roadkill Overcoat is my favorite album) She is the best and listening to I'm awesomeness. November has been awesome and great. 2012, you are looking great from here now. (Broke but in school, thank God.)