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2014-02-12 06:49 pm

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23 years old. American. Hispanic (Half Puerto Rican, Half Guatemalan).
Reader, Student, Fighter, Daughter and Sister
on the one and only sound unzip my body take my heart out 'cause I need a beat to give this tune

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2015-01-26 05:50 pm

January Recs

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untitled by [archiveofourown.org profile] alestar (Naruto: Gai/Kakashi)
Gai glances up from his book and sees Kakashi watching him. He smiles and the paperback falls against his stomach, against the dark, short-sleeved shirt. He flashes Kakashi a thumbs-up, and Kakashi returns it. (1300 words)

The Sound of Laughter, the Shape of Truth by [archiveofourown.org profile] Mithrigil (Twelve Kingdoms: Youko/Rakushun)
Rakushun needs one more signature to graduate from Daigaku in En. Now that her domain is under control, Youko thinks she might have time to study, and throws on her usual disguise to drop by En for advice. But a Ruler never has just one reason for coming down from the clouds, and Rakushun knows it. (6797 words)

Bound to You by [archiveofourown.org profile] Angela (LotR: Gimli/Legolas)
Legolas does not think the way other elves do. He does not do things the way other elves do. He does not want the things other elves want. And as for Gimli - well, Legolas doesn't know what to think or do or want where Gimli is concerned. (6405 words)

On the Cold Hill Side by [archiveofourown.org profile] marycrawford (LotR: Gimli/Legolas)
In the end, Gimli thinks, Legolas will steal his heart and sail away with it, and even the wonders of the Glittering Caves are not enough consolation for that loss. But when Aragorn calls for Gimli’s help in dismantling the hidden traps of Orthanc, everything changes. (24938 words)

The Sound Below Sound by [archiveofourown.org profile] Dorinda (LotR: Gimli/Legolas)
When the Grey Company escapes from the Paths of the Dead with an army of ghosts at their heels, Legolas believes that everyone who entered the Dark Door has emerged again unharmed. He's wrong. Some wounds cannot be seen. (35449 words)

Accidents Happen by [archiveofourown.org profile] longleggedgit (Prince of Tennis: Momo/Kaidoh)
Momo hits Kaidoh with his bicycle. (2571 words)

What Not To Wear To A Wedding At Wayne Manor by [archiveofourown.org profile] FabulaRasa (DCU: Babs/Dick, Hal/Bruce)
Dick and Barbara are getting married, and Hal had ONE JOB. Ending up with a date with Batman was definitely not where he would have predicted his evening was going. (29918 words)

The Undying by [archiveofourown.org profile] Angela (LotR: Gimli/Legolas)
“I was wondering,” Gimli had said at the beginning of it. “Isn't it about time you get started on that boat of yours?”

It has been over one hundred years since the War of the Ring. Gimli and a dwarf girl named Mâglah help Legolas build his ship to sail into the west. While they are working, Legolas realizes that there are a lot of things that have been long unexpressed between him and his dearest friend, things that must be said and done before it is too late. (20197 words)
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2015-01-07 03:10 pm
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2015 Read List

* means first-time reading. Link to my Goodreads.

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2014-10-20 04:06 pm
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2014 Read List

2014 Fanfiction Breakdown: 1 femslash / 17 gen / 9 het / 3 multi / 42 slash

* means first-time reading. Link to my Goodreads.

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March (7) )

April (7) )

May (9) )

June (4) )

July (13) )

August (22) )

September (9) )

October (9) )

December (53) )

Goal: 80 books
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2014-03-10 04:00 pm

blah / some music

Sometimes you have to laugh at yourself silly until you cry and relax. Life is good right now and I'm not depressed. Bored, uncertain at what direction I should take with my life but trying not to stress over everything imaginable. (That why I'm trying not to follow News on the internet, I will forever dislike everything.) Still anxious if not depressed but I don't feel as horribly when I was seventeen. (Gosh, I hated everything and myself the most at that age.)

I'm trying to get a handle on my personality because sometimes I still don't understand myself. I need to stop binge reading random blogs.

Almost finish with my first fanmix, now I need to put it in the right order and upload it.

Here some music:
Flashback Hip-Hop [download]
4 My People (featuring Eve) by Missy Elliott (2001) [m4a] / 9-5ers Anthem by Aesop Rock (2001) [m4a] / Fear Not Of Man by Mos Def (1999) [m4a] / Insane In The Membrane by Cypress Hill (1993) / Notorious Thugs (featuring Bone Thugs-n-n Harmony) by The Notorious B.I.G. (1997) / On And On (featuring June Luva & Milk D) by Shyheim (1994) / Peter Piper by Run-D.M.C. (1986) / Po' Folks by Nappy Roots (2002) / Rock the House (featuring Del tha Funkee Homosapien by Gorillaz (2001) / The Whole World by Outkast (2001) / Zealots by The Fugees (1996)

Warning: Offensive lyrics [from religious imagery to slurs of all kind]. 'East Coast' heavy sorry that what I listen to growing up.
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2014-02-18 01:11 pm

2014 updates

I still don't have regular access to the internet and I hate posting through my mobile. I'm happier now that I'm going to church but fandom still makes me feel tired in different ways. (Over nine years of experience and I feel burn out with certain attitudes now.) Not completely dead but I'm lurking in some old spaces rereading fan-fiction from my former fandoms. [khr, naruto, inuyasha, kkm, prince of tennis]

updates in life:
- finish school but still don't have a job
- the move south to Macon didn't happen; I'm praying that my family find employment closer to home than current employment location
- now a member of a church and now baptized with my sister Ana
- join the church choir and we doing seven songs for the Lent/Easter Season
- my dog Sissy continues to surprise me

my fandom activity:
- not going to AWA this year
- quit tumblr for my mental health
- trying to reduce time reading fan-fiction
- still cleaning up my pinboard
- what I read so far this year at pinboard
- starts reading mangas again
- going to start watching old Doctor Who with Ana
- making fan-mixes since I still don't know how to write
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2013-12-28 01:42 pm
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2013 Read List

I wish this story were different. I wish it were more civilized. I wish it showed me in a better light, if not happier, then at least more active, less hesitant, less distracted by trivia. I wish it had more shape. I wish it were about love, or about sudden realizations important to one’s life, or even about sunsets, birds, rainstorms, or snow.

- Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale

Here is a link to my Goodreads. Meanings: ♥ I really like this, ♯ I like this, ↓ I dislike this

2 books )

14 books )

14 books, 3 rereads )

9 books, 3 rereads )

3 books, 1 reread )

8 books )

Goal: 50 Books

Fave Series/Characters: (in order of most love)
- Harry Potter: Harry, Dumbledore, Ginny, Ron, Luna
- The Heroes of Olympus: Piper, Leo, Annabeth, Jason, Hazel, Percy, Frank, Nico
- The Chronicles of Prydain: Elionwy, Taran
- The Guardians: Katharine, Nightlight, Toothiana

2013 Fanfiction 'Read' Breakdown: femslash 9 / gen 68 / het 66 / multi 23 / other 4 / slash 65
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2013-09-17 03:31 pm

Rec: West Eros High by openmouthwideeye

Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Pairings: Brienne/Jaime, Renly/Loras, past Cersei/Jaime
Rating: Teen
Length: 66,910 words words (WIP)
Categories: Alternate Universe - High School, Friendship, Drama, Teen Romance

Summary: It started with a whisper . . . And it goes like this: Brienne wants to play hockey, Cersei wants to plot, and everyone's mother keeps getting involved. Jaime just wants to flirt with Brienne when things get boring.

Notes: I love this series is telling a story about a modern teenage girl coming of age in realistic way. Brienne deals with the complexity of friendships, her father, dealing with her relationship with Jaime, and bullying.

I like that the supporting cast are complex characters with their own motivations, and at times, they do hurt Brienne’s feeling in painful ways. I love that Brienne is learning how to live her life.

West Eros High (AO3)
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2013-09-10 03:29 pm

Rec: Before Destruction by memorde

Fandom: A Song of Ice and Fire
Pairing: Brienne of Tarth/Jaime Lannister
Rating: Teen
Length: 54,295 words (WIP)
Categories: Alternate Universe - Fusion, Regency Romance, Slow Build

Summary: "Pride goeth before destruction". She had grown up with those words tempering her every action, but it would be many years before they began to make sense.

Notes: Pride and Prejudice is great source for adaptation and I love the writer attention to historical and language detail to make this crossover work extremely well.

I love Brienne is playing the part of Elizabeth Bennet, she is still like herself making it more believable that Hyle Hunt can trick Brienne with false sincerity and that she still doesn't know her true feelings for Jaime. Jaime as Mr. Darcy was done brilliantly and that he didn't deny his 'sins' that maybe a problem for Brienne the further we get into the story.

I love how much Arya, Sansa, and the other ladies in canon are feature in this story.

Before Destruction (AO3)
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2013-08-23 01:53 am

Rec: Doctor Who fanvids

England (or here) by [personal profile] such_heights
Companions. 'Put an ocean and a river between everything, yourself, and home'
I love everyone who set foot into the TRADIS and glad that all the new companions get to shine in this vid. Somehow, this song fit the companions' journey with the Doctor.

People Get Ready (or here) by [personal profile] kaydeefalls
'And we have all the love in the world to set alight.' A Ponds vid.
My favorite Ponds vid and I was so happy to discover it. I never heard the song used before and it fits Amy and Rory relationship perfectly. My favorite part of Doctor Who is watching Amy and Rory loving each other imperfectly in an epic way. I love that River and Doctor are both present in this vid and it made my heart hurt.

What We Had by [livejournal.com profile] cherryice
Martha, Jack, Mickey. It's all just empty space.
Punch me in the stomach, a good fuck you to the Doctor especially love Martha part in this. I love that Mickey is included because I feel his story did a disservice to him. Poor Jack, his feelings for the Doctor made me ache and I will always have tough feelings for the Tenth Doctor.
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2013-08-22 01:56 pm

Rec: If I Had to Keep You by klmeri

Fandom: Star Trek: Into Darkness
Characters: Leonard McCoy, James T. Kirk
Rating: Teen
Length: 19,129 words
Categories: Post-Canon, Friendship

Summary: Leonard is not enthusiastic about his new roommate. Jim, on the other hand, is ecstatic. Or maybe manic, which is more than slightly disturbing to Leonard. That, along with a little PTSD, concerned friends, late-night confessions and an unusual pet put McCoy and Kirk on the road to recovery in the aftermath of Marcus and Khan.

Notes: Klmeri is good at humorous story, adding layer of seriousness that add lots to zie characterization, and I was surprised how discomforting some scenes where Kirk and McCoy deal with being roommates and the mental health of Kirk. I found that this really fit canon for the new film series a lot better than other stories I read in this fandom.

If I Had to Keep You (AO3) | If I Had to Keep You (LJ)
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2013-08-21 01:53 pm

Rec: Blueshift by Tassos

Fandom: Star Trek
Pairing: James T. Kirk/Leonard McCoy
Rating: Explicit
Length: 22,561 words
Categories: Friendship, Academy Era

Summary: When Leonard shows up at Starfleet Academy, he wonders just how drunk he was when he met with the recruiter. He has no friends, misses his kid, and if drowning his sorrows doesn't kill him, PT will. Then he meets Jim Kirk again.

Notes: Leonard McCoy will always have my heart, doesn't matter which incarnation. I found Bones' alcoholism and his dealing with his depression shed some great light on his character. My heart aches for McCoy because I knew how McCoy was feeling dealing with how his depression made him intimidating to everyone that actively prevent you from trying to form connections. I love how Jim and Bones grow into their friendship were becoming close help relieve some of their real life pains even though there is bumps along the way.

Blueshift (AO3)

Hover over the link to get any warnings(s).
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2013-08-20 01:44 pm

Rec: Family Tree by cerisereve

Fandom: Merlin (BBC)
Character/Pairing: Arthur Pendragon (Arthur/Gwen)
Rating: Teen
Length: 53,000 words
Categories: Canon Divergence, Action/Adventure, Arthur Finds Out

Summary: After defeating Cenred's forces and an army of the dead in the siege during the Tears of Uther Pendragon, Arthur has a traitor to identify, a city to rebuild, and—of course—a manservant to order around. All of which would be much easier to accomplish if Gaius would give him a straight answer about the magical staff found in the burial vaults, Merlin was not yanking Morgana into alcoves, and if Gwen would call him by his given name. When a druid insists on meeting with him, Arthur is forced to confront the fact that he cannot hide from magic.

Notes: Arthur Pendragon is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time and this is the most fun I had reading a Merlin story ever. I wish the show went this direction as this story. The backstory was done so well my eyes were tearing up at parts especially Morgause section.

Family Tree (LJ) | Family Tree (AO3)
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2013-08-19 06:01 am

Rec: The Adventures of Lucy Skywalker by elizabeth_hoot

Fandom: Star Wars
Pairings: Luke & Han, Leia & Luke, Leia & Luke
Rating: General
Length: 52,413 words
Categories: Alternate Universe - Gender Changes, Action/Adventure

Summary: Shortly before her death, Padmé Amidala gives birth to two daughters. The eldest, Lucy, grows up in quiet obscurity on Tatooine -- until the Empire comes to call.

Notes: I always wanted an Always-a-girl!Luke AU since I entered fandom and I'm glad this baby exist. I devour this quickly and it was lot of fun seeing the author making creative deviations from the film version because of the changes in Luke gender.

Guys the Lucy and Leia kiss is still sweet and hilarious as the film version and I will always ship Luke and Leia until the day I die.

The Adventures of Lucy Skywalker (AO3)

Hover over the link to get any warnings(s).
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2013-08-18 10:14 pm

Rec: Utopia by takmarierah

Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier
Rating: Mature
Length: 144,711 words
Categories: Alternate Universe - Dystopia, Post-Apocalyptic, Psychological Drama, Science, Slow Build, Unrequited Love

Summary: It's been five years since the beach, and four years since Charles was captured by the Brotherhood. Since then, he's been kept in a safe house while Erik finally achieved what Shaw failed to do.

Now that most of humanity has been eradicated, Erik's summoned Charles back to his side, promising a cure and political influence in exchange for Charles' help - but Charles knows it's only a matter of time before he asks for more.

Notes: You guys don't know how much I love reading stories about unrequited love and reading this made me happy. Charles' internal struggle to understand his feelings for Erik and planning his death makes this unrequited love story a bit more twisted than usual. I hope the ending stays unrequited though I'm sure some will complain about it. Unrequited love and dubious consent seem to be my new favorite combination to see in fiction.

Utopia (LJ) | Utopia (AO3) | Utopia (FFN)

Hover over the link to get any warnings(s).
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2013-08-17 07:41 pm

Rec: Nine Eleven Ten by Subtilior

I'm trying to battle the feeling of being sad and tired all the time. Tumblr is becoming a not so happy place for me. I just want to have some joy back in fandom. I decided to do a little recing challenge for myself. I will to make 25 recs of works over 50k words in various fandoms.

Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Characters/Pairings: Erik Lehnsherr/Charles Xavier, Emma Frost, Jean Grey
Rating: Mature
Length: 438,189 words (WIP)
Categories: Alternate Universe - Dystopia, Dark, Post-Apocalyptic

Summary: Beauty and the Beast AU. Years later, Charles would remember that day. Sometimes he would wonder if he could have changed anything; other times he would despair over what he had since become. But he would always hold the image in his mind: Raven, laughing, and his thoughts flying alongside her on strong wings, silver-gold through the winter air. Once upon a time.

Notes: This is the darkest and most complex story I read in my entire fannish life, a suspenseful ride through a terrifying new world through Charles' eyes. The world building and the mysterious circumstances of Charles' captivity is what keeping me interested in reading this monster. Charles and Erik relationship so far is fascinating to see developed and by far, the most twisted relationship I ever read in fiction in my life so far.

Nine Eleven Ten (AO3)

Hover over the link to get any warnings(s).
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2012-09-27 10:55 am

update: kind of

I don't have internet at home. I hate myself and my life a whole lot right now. I don't want to talk about school ever. Worst semester so far and I don't like the change in my instructor.

I'm trying not to be so negative and hard on myself. I have been having a couple of crappy weeks of not being able to do my course work. I feel like a huge failure at school but I'm doing well at my externship. I still hate being on the phone but I'm trying to practice and write out scripts on what I should say.

My sister and I are going to AWA for this weekend. We are going to meet up with our friends and stay at their hotel room. I haven't seen my girls in over a year and I miss them so much. Tomorrow I have to work so I'm doing the two days pass if there is nothing I want to see on Friday night.

Tumblr takes up a lot of my time right now. I prob need to quit it.
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2012-08-13 10:10 am

let's go get a wave

I still don’t feel well and sometimes Fandom is not a nice place to lurk.

If you are on Tumblr, I will follow and you don’t have to follow back since I’m mostly a lurker.

Hover over the link to get any warning(s).

Multifandom: Starships! by [livejournal.com profile] bironic (Gen, PG-13, 3:36)
A celebration of pilots, captains, engineers, crew members, and the spacecraft they love to fly. (And race, and crash, and fix, and play in, and fight in, and...) Everyone who ever loves Space needs to go watch this vid.

One Direction: my mouth moves too fast for you to figure it out by [personal profile] merihn (Liam/Louis, Teen, 3,846 words)
Liam bites back. I love Liam in this one.

periphery by [archiveofourown.org profile] silversparrow (Harry/Louis, Liam/Louis, Teen, 11,713 words)
After a car accident, Louis goes on pretending that nothing ever happened. I love reading a good ghost story especially when I can feel the sense of horror of what is happening to Louis and I love the progression of the flashback to the crash.

Scalene, Isosceles, Equilateral by [archiveofourown.org profile] matchsticks_p (Zayn/Harry/Louis, Explicit, 4,163 words)
No one has ever accused Zayn of being quick on the uptake. I love this, gave me lots of Zayn feels.

William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet: We Found Love by [livejournal.com profile] foomatic (Gen, PG-13, 3:34)
For never was there a tale of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo Gorgeous vid, I completely forgot how beautiful this movie is and Leo is freakin pretty.
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2012-08-06 11:02 am

maybe it the blues

I don't feel well. I want to stay in bed all day and do nothing. I hate being uncomfortable at school. I don't know if the staff that makes more uneasy then the students.

I hate the weather; it feels like it has been raining for weeks now.

The start of my August recs, I don't feel like making a recs post.

I have a lot of feeling right now and I don't know what to do with them.
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2012-07-30 02:54 pm

update: miss our little talks

Most embarrassing moment of last week: I had a panic attack at school on Wednesday during work study. Thank God the only witnesses were my parents but still I hate getting them. Glad my parents really do try to understand me being such an emotional mess sometimes. I didn't go to school & work on Thursday because I felt like crap.

Right now I'm in class. I really don't want to go to school in the morning right now.

To authors who don't like kudos, from a lurker by [personal profile] sidra
For people who find it difficult to communicate with words, kudos are a way to communicate through actions. This is basically me all time. Another reason for me to be a lurker in fandom is that I have a lot of anxiety when I try to write a comment for various reasons, so it takes too much of my energy and time. So kudos on AO3.org and the like button on Tumblr helps me so much.

Go here if you want to listen to some good mashups that you can download: TitusJones Mashups.