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I don't have internet at home. I hate myself and my life a whole lot right now. I don't want to talk about school ever. Worst semester so far and I don't like the change in my instructor.

I'm trying not to be so negative and hard on myself. I have been having a couple of crappy weeks of not being able to do my course work. I feel like a huge failure at school but I'm doing well at my externship. I still hate being on the phone but I'm trying to practice and write out scripts on what I should say.

My sister and I are going to AWA for this weekend. We are going to meet up with our friends and stay at their hotel room. I haven't seen my girls in over a year and I miss them so much. Tomorrow I have to work so I'm doing the two days pass if there is nothing I want to see on Friday night.

Tumblr takes up a lot of my time right now. I prob need to quit it.
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Hi *hand wave*

I'm still alive. I still don't have AC in my house (for how long who knows) and my laptop is in a poor state.

My dog has major issues but I sort of love her. It only been four months since we have her and my mom love her now is totally amusing. Even more amusing when we tell people we have a dog now (My mom cousin Chela, was aghast to find out. Though to tell the truth I would totally let Sissy die if Holly, my next door neighbor dog, gets lose and bite her. I will totally run far away because Holly is huge and my ass wants to live more. (My dog needs to stop running into her space to mess with her.)

I'm very boring person right now. All I do is go to school (procrastination is still in my blood) and do work study at CBT lab to make some money to make school payments. I'm close to my last semester in this school. I need to start applying to a new school. (Unwanted stresses please go away.)

Lack of sleep makes me feel shitty. How do I function to get up morning is a miracle.

If you have a tumblr give me your name, I need ppl to follow. PM or drop me a comment here.

I'm still [tumblr.com profile] infernaldoom. I share it with my sister. I love the gifs my sis made for our layout. Irendri is the best. Pls note I'm still a dork.
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I seriously need A/C in my house, it been a month and it still not fix. I wish we weren't broke cause the heat is making me miserable and my dog became a lazy monster. Ana feels for the dog's pain more than everyone in the family does. I need to catch up on my schoolwork now and I already have a headache coming.

Summer begone.

Drive-by Recs, hover over the link to get any warning(s).

we could not make sense by [archiveofourown.org profile] guest_age (Blaine/Cooper, Blaine/Kurt, Explicit, 3,930 words)
Blaine is thirteen the first time he realizes that not everyone looks at their older brother the way he does. // This is my kind of incest story, there is nothing nice or pretty about this and I don’t know the source material but Blaine I feel for him here.

Inconsolation Prize by [archiveofourown.org profile] Verbyna (Blaine/Cooper, Blaine/Kurt, Mature, 1,348 words)
Blaine wasn’t an asset to Cooper, so when he left, Cooper edited Blaine from his life. The big brother role never fit him. Kissing Blaine, that was different. It was the only real connection they ever had: sex and music, hard kisses and watching movies silently, making a space for themselves where they couldn’t compete. // I prob. need more Blaine/Cooper if I’m going to jump into this fandom. I can’t believe power imbalance is my new kink.

oh, you say you love me (but you don't know) by [archiveofourown.org profile] thememoriesfire (Quinn/Finn, Mature, 11,667 words)
AU. It’s not that he didn’t know that his wife was gay. It’s that it just didn’t really matter, until they got an invite to their high school reunion and the only girl she’d ever really loved was coming back to town. // This fic is my new favorite; it gives me all kinds of feelings and if anyone has read it, please feel free to discuss it with me because it gives me all these thoughts. I can’t even begin to describe the story all I know that I should logically not agree with the situation but my heart tell me I want Finn and Quinn to stay together. I just the author totally suck me into their relationship. Everyone should go read it very thought provoking.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol:
Love and Other Mission Anomalies by [archiveofourown.org profile] topaz (William Brandt/Ethan Hunt, Explicit, 13,175 words)
The first step to solving an anomaly is identifying it. // Nice piece of hurt/comfort and hopefully more MI4 fic will come out soon. (Come on ppl I need more Brandt/Hunt.)

TRON: Legacy:
We Want Your Soul by [livejournal.com profile] di_br (Ensemble, Work-Safe)
"We Want Your Soul" by Adam Freeland. The Grid wants your soul. // Omg, perfect song for Tron ever, everybody need to stop what they are doing and watch this vid. It gives me so many thoughts.

Vampire Dairies:
if your lover ever takes her love away by [livejournal.com profile] softly_me (past-Stefan/Elena/Damon, Teen, 2,500 words)
It seemed to perfect to last. It was. // This is the way the series should end in my opinion.

Summation by [livejournal.com profile] aerintine (Elena (& Jenna), Gen, 1,173 words)
When they go to collect Jenna’s body, Elena insists on coming along. // Prefect Elena characterization and satisfying missing scene that the series miss out on.

Present Imperfect by [archiveofourown.org profile] Ark (Klaus/Stefan, Explicit, 6,103 words)
Stefan and Klaus have issues. // Perfect, the best kind of Klaus/Stefan story, I only wish we have more of them in this fandom.

Fallen, Broken, Destroyed by Desdemona Rosa (Matt/Klaus, M, 4,959 words)
Matt's learned to be more aware in the last year or so, to watch out for the things that go bump in the night. Except the monsters he's learned to watch out for see him long before he sees them. // I love any story that includes Matt cause he is severely underused in the plot of the series so this story def satisfy my needs. I love the idea behind this and it was executed wonderfully.
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Hey everybody!

I’m still alive. I’m doing well in school and it takes up a lot of my concentration. I still wish I had internet in my house because I do nothing on the weekend. I have no money to go out and I miss my friends. I’m going to my friend, Athena’s graduation this Saturday hopefully so we can hang out and she can finally meet my dog.

Sissy is doing well. She drives me crazy ever other day but I miss her ugly face if we have to give her away. My dad loves her now and my mom likes her now (My mom will still not let her sit on her lap). She is two years old but she still acts like a puppy.

Also, my fan-ish output is low, though I’m still reading fanfiction. Also, I’m so happy to own Doctor Who season six now and got my mom and sister to watch it. I already convert my dad to Doctor Who with season five.
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※ I still suck at English grammar; I really want to get a 4 in this class but I probably end up with a 3 because of it.

※ Sissy is my new dog. She is two years old a Chihuahua-pug mixed and my uncle dumped her on us. She is from the shelter and she has more issues than me, this makes me sad when I think about it. My sister and I suck at being a dog’s owner (too many examples to list about our mistakes), Sissy attaches herself to Ana and I think she may have some fondness for me. Hopefully everyone in the house including me gets better at dealing with Sissy, so many issues on both sides to deal with.

a pic of sissy and me )
※ Drive-by Recs, hover over the links to get more info.

Boy Meets World: Three's Company Too (or here) by [archiveofourown.org profile] serendipityxxi
He's mentioned before he's felt bad letting Shawn go home some evenings to face the dark alone when he has Topanga by his side to get him through the night. Topanga loves her husband for the care he feels for his best friend. I needed this but I'm glad some one wrote it. I'm more of a Cory/Shawn girl, but I like Topanga in this. (I have huge fondness for younger Topanga in BMW. More OT3 fics need to exist.) (2,158 words)

Fringe: Can't Get Next To You (or here) by [archiveofourown.org profile] Yahtzee
Peter Bishop searches for Olivia through multiple parallel universes, adjusting to each new world -- and each new Olivia -- he finds. Set between seasons two and three. Interesting story, I can't believe I read this but I enjoy the multiple universes that Peter visit so read it if you know the fandom. (13,709 words)

Harry Potter: A Process of Elimination (or here) by [personal profile] woldy
There's no reason for a threesome to be more than the sum of its parts - except that if it's not, it won't work. I like the awkwardness and how the trio got together was realistic and wonderful. (1,000 words)

Hunger Games: gone by [archiveofourown.org profile] crickets
It's the way Peeta says her name that sets Gale off. I'm convince that this could happen, and Katniss' presence is in here. (1,057 words)

Jane Eyre: A Wicked Thing (or here) by [archiveofourown.org profile] silver_galaxy
Rochester finds Jane after she flees Thornfield, but believes she is engaged to St John. Whoa, this is hot and has the right amount of possessiveness to hit my buttons. (2,567 words)

True Blood: A Problem Shared (or here, or here) by [personal profile] nomelon
Eric figures out the answer to their problem. Frankly, he doesn't know why he didn't think of it sooner. (Coda to 4x12). This is what I need in a True Blood fic, it maybe lame but I wish this is canon. (1,217 words)
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Dad got back from the hospital Friday. He is alive, just a bored man and stubborn as hell. I’m still stressing out and I really need to relax. I don’t know how to de-stress. I want to go out for a walk but I don’t like walking in cold. I need to stop making excuses and just go out; staying in the house all day is probably killing me right now. (I refuse to believe I’m sick right now.)

I’m doing well in school, already planning to apply to university for next year. Hopefully I will get in and my credits are transferable.

eta. Facebook is horrible; I should delete my facebook to get away from family esp. my uncle who posts flowery advice. Dude you don’t practice what you preach. Like my mom says you are not born-again in hers eyes if you haven’t reach out to ones that you hurt the most in the past. My cousin isn’t talking to you for a reason, tio and my mother doesn’t like you. He makes me want to punch him in the face and stop coming over to our place unannounced too. *rant over* I needed to get some things off my chest.
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I probably drop off from the internet for little while, my dad is in the hospital. He going to be scheduled for open heart surgery, maybe on Friday if no further complications arise. I'm nervous wreck right now and trying not to breakdown. The drive to hospital is also not doing any favors with my anxiety.

I'm not going to class today but I will go tomorrow. I have to pick up my W2 and my dad’s bonus check tomorrow. I don't know what to do today.

Sharing happy music, videos, and/or anything to keep my mind off my troubles, I will appreciates it if you do.


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Listen.. people be asking me all the time, "Yo Mos, what's gettin' ready to happen with Hip-Hop?"

I tell em, "You know what's gonna happen with Hip-Hop? Whatever's happening with us"

If we smoked out, Hip-Hop is gonna be smoked out. If we doing alright, Hip-Hop is gonna be doing alright.

People talk about Hip-Hop like it's some giant livin' in the hillside comin' down to visit the townspeople.

We ARE Hip-Hop. Me, you, everybody, we are Hip-Hop. So Hip-Hop is going where we going.

So the next time you ask yourself where Hip-Hop is going, ask yourself, "Where am I going? How am I doing?"

'Til you get a clear idea. So.. if Hip-Hop is about the people and the Hip-Hop won't get better until the people get better, then how do people get better? Well, from my understanding people get better when they start to understand that, they are valuable...

"Fear Not Of Man" - Mos Def


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