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Bathroom drain is unclog, finally yeah. Pain medication is taken, Costochondritis is a bitch (It felt like I was having a heart attack or a serve panic attack at Target at all places).

My lovely mother found a part-time job and I nervously gathering courage to enroll into school to receive a diploma. Money I wish I had it so I paid for school, looking for a good loan is making sweat and cringe. Horrible researcher, I am truly can't seem to be able to used internet to find important information.

Making a decision to buy a Kindle or save my money for school is tough. Saving money that what I got to do.

My sister made have PCOS, scariness, maybe I shouldn't be afraid but anything medical make me feel scared. Her doctor apportionment is today. If she does have then I have to go get tested and my sister already she didn't like the specialist she seeing.(Test was inconclusive but she has to take metofmin.)

I'm enjoying my experience with pinboard. I’m still taking my time fixing my bookmarks but I very happy that I have all of them. Looking for more people to add my network, my interests tend to change every month so I need to find more multi-fannish people.

Hover over the link to get any warning(s). ♥ marks favorites.

.: X-Men: First Class :.
Utopia (or here, or here) | [livejournal.com profile] takmarierah [Charles/Erik, R, 77,900 words]
"Erik has succeeded in taking over the world, but mutant utopia has yet to materialize. Charles is his reluctant companion." WIP, last updated: 2011-10-31.

So good, everyone should drop what their doing to read this. There is so much richness in this world and the push and pull of Erik and Charles is done brilliantly, that I seriously have no idea what kind of ending can leave a satisfying conclusion. I can't help be in Charles’s school pitying Erik to anger.

Nine Eleven Ten (or here) | [livejournal.com profile] subtilior [Erik/Charles, Mature, 155,458 words]
Dark!Beauty and the Beast AU. Years later, Charles would remember that day. Sometimes he would wonder if he could have changed anything; other times he would despair over what he had since become. But he would always hold the image in his mind: Raven, laughing, and his thoughts flying alongside her on strong wings, silver-gold through the winter air. Once upon a time. WIP, last updated: 2011-11-01.

This fic is full of my favorite kind of BRILLIANCE, I love the subtle characterization of Charles, brave, foolish and so many things that you rooting for him. I love how dark this story is and with right mixture of horror and resilience needed to balance things in. Author def. has a unique writing style and I enjoyed reading hir Labyrinth fic that I read recently that enjoyable in its darkness. Go read it you haven’t and don’t let the WIP deter you.

An Earlier Heaven (or here, or here) | [personal profile] regann [Erik/Charles, Teen, 46,366 words]
In the wake of Cuba, Charles and his students are ready to pick up the pieces and work toward achieving Charles's dream of a safe haven for young mutants. Those plans, however, take a surprising turn thanks to a very unexpected complication. As he slowly builds a future for his students and for his child, Charles struggles with the loss of Erik and the secrets he's willing to keep to protect his family, but those strides are shattered when Erik makes a startling reappearance into his life. WIP, last updated: 2011-11-02.

I couldn't resist this fic, I love a good mpreg story that is more drama than crack, with honest characterization, Alex is def. my favorite, and that I enjoyed this one a whole lot.
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pine your eyes are impossibly blue

I have no internet at home, right now I'm at the library and I don't want to format my recs post today so I'm not making one. I don't know when the next time I get to post. Damn I feel like I wasted my time paying for this account and I can't used it daily. I want the opportunity to use my icons. Ah well, I gave money to a site that I like at least.
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Once I thought the world was crazy Everyone was sad and chasing Happiness and love and I was the only one above it
- Solitaire – Wilco


I don't know why I always doubt my intelligence. I do way too many times. I want the ability to punch and shake myself, for real.

Thinking about re-reading The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

When I’m obsessing with something I'm obsess to the brink.

Making a rec list, let’s see how long it’s going to take me to finish it.

Should I delete my twitter? I haven’t used it in ages, even though I have the app on my mobile.

I'm addicted to a Watchmen video by bionic. (Afraid of Americans - David Bowie)


Chicken Pot Pie

Longest road trip ever with my mom to Macon because the Army told her she has to do the check-up.

Diary Queen Double Cheese Burger with Fries and medium dipped cone.

Watch Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too?

Had a BBQ, dad made me do the grilling.

Can it please stop raining?
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I'm too emotional right now and hoping that my period will come soon. Mood swings are no fun and especially if they get you in a fight with your sister. At least I wasn't violent this time.

I don't know what to do with myself I'm all edgy. I didn't sleep at all Wednesday, I rearranged my bedroom, wrote a entry of Star Wars recs, which is longer post than I will actually write, clean my hair and buff my nails. (I'm undecided on painting it right now.) I want to go out, I'm getting cabin fever but I don't really want to go outside. Or really, I should go get some sleep and set up my alarm to wake up tomorrow on time.

I hope that I get to see my friends this Friday. Interact with somebody, cause my sister is in her I don't want to be bother with your conversation moods. I think the internet has taken her brain.

I'm supposed to do my mom resume but I'm having trouble concentrating on it. Right now, this is my life.

May 22nd the Spike channel held a Star Wars marathon. I was on my laptop, when I flipping the channels and the movies took my attention away from the internet for a while. I still enjoy the original Star Wars trilogy and I want the DVDs so I can watch it right now. I still have an epic crush on Luke Skywalker and I see Leia in a new light. I really dig her character and I finally understand Han/Leia. I see the chemistry now; the unresolved sexual tension was thick. (It only took me a few years but at least I got it.)

Star Wars is not the greatest movies in the world or the best piece of science fiction but it has a big place in my heart now. I think I'm a bit too late to join this fandom, even if I try I don't know if I'm able to find my niche.

My brain is reevaluating my thoughts on religion; getting back to organized life is tough. I need order and purpose back in my life.

Janelle Monáe's new album Archandroid is out now.

Random: I think I'm getting better at typing and spotting my common grammar mistakes, not all the time but I'm learning as I continue to blog.

I can't wait for the Update Page Redesign. Dreamwidth seems to get cooler everyday I get on. I can't wait to get pay to turn this account to a paid account, so I can get to add more Star Wars icons. (Most will be the Skywalkers and Leia. :).)


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Listen.. people be asking me all the time, "Yo Mos, what's gettin' ready to happen with Hip-Hop?"

I tell em, "You know what's gonna happen with Hip-Hop? Whatever's happening with us"

If we smoked out, Hip-Hop is gonna be smoked out. If we doing alright, Hip-Hop is gonna be doing alright.

People talk about Hip-Hop like it's some giant livin' in the hillside comin' down to visit the townspeople.

We ARE Hip-Hop. Me, you, everybody, we are Hip-Hop. So Hip-Hop is going where we going.

So the next time you ask yourself where Hip-Hop is going, ask yourself, "Where am I going? How am I doing?"

'Til you get a clear idea. So.. if Hip-Hop is about the people and the Hip-Hop won't get better until the people get better, then how do people get better? Well, from my understanding people get better when they start to understand that, they are valuable...

"Fear Not Of Man" - Mos Def


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